How to Drag Click?

Online games are competitive! If you’re an expert gamer, you know that high clicks per second are needed to have the upper hand.

Players use different clicking techniques to get an edge on their opponents. Drag-clicking is often used because it provides a competitive advantage in games like Farmville and Minecraft for example.

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What is Drag Clicking and how to do it?

Drag clicking or tap click is the common term for what it really is. This technique uses forceful dragging of the finger across the mouse buttons of the mouse to record more mouse clicks. Some people call this technique Frazer clicking.

A drag click is done by applying friction between the mouse button and your finger. A basic understanding of physics will help you to grasp how this works.

In order to drag click, you need to use your finger to push down on the mouse button downwards. As you drag click, friction will continuously push down on the button, causing it to bounce up when released.

Drag clicking will work with the repetition of this process resulting in an increase of clicks. It can result in a high CPS (as high as 32 clicks per second) when repeated consistently.



Tips for better Drag Clicking

There are no scientific guidelines for perfect drag-clicking, but there are a few simple tips that can help you become a pro at it! Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Be sure to dry your hands and clean off the mouse surface before you click away. Dust, sweat, and dirt will dramatically interfere with the friction of the mouse button.

  2. The best way to hold a mouse is to support it with your ring or little finger on the right side and to place your thumb on the left side. Curl your index finger on the left button. This will give you more precise control over your mouse.

  3. To make a drag-click, press the mouse button downwards while flowing your wrist at an angle (directly towards the mouse). Let your finger glide over the button, don’t press too hard. If you hear grinding or feel a vibration, you’ve successfully completed this action.

  4. A good grip is important for your mouse. A palm grip is considered essential for drag clicking because it helps position your fingers properly.